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Build a holiday home

Would you like to have a holiday home built in a natural environment? Then it is a good idea to discuss your wishes and needs with Klondike. We have many years of experience in building sustainable wooden chalets, which are extremely suitable as a holiday home. The wooden chalets can also be used as informal care homes or as a quiet working environment.

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

Have a sustainable and personal holiday home built

Would you like to go on holiday by the sea or in a natural, wooded area? Then it is a smart idea to have your own holiday home built. Klondike can help youto build a chalet. You have complete control over the interior and exterior of your holiday home.The construction of the sustainable housetakes place with environmentally friendly materials and smart solutions are applied to save energy. Consider, for example, good insulation to keep heat inside.

Klondike Cabins

Contact us to realize the holiday home of your dreams

Are you curious aboutthe various optionsfor building the holiday home of your dreams? We would be happy to talk to you at our office in Buitenkaag to discuss the options. Our wooden chalets are not only suitable as a holiday home, but you can alsobuild a care homeby U.S. Make an appointment with us by contacting usferencz@klondike-cabins.comor by phone at+31 252 27 80 06.

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