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Your Chalet


You decide how your chalet will be. A chalet that suits you and says something about you.

Klondike Cabins is a constructions compnay focused on chalets. We build your unique chalets in a environmentally friendly way. By trying to use as much eco responsible and bio degradable products as much as we can. While combining these materials with the most advanced echniques and insights. The use of the latest scientific insights and techniques also creates one combination of environmental friendliness, contemporary design, comfort and construction quality

Uniek bouwen & wonen


In the past, craftsmen managed to realize beautiful wooden chalets in a classic way.


Klondike cabins combines this old craftsmanship with the most modern techniques available. In our own assembly hall and prefab factory, we realise a beautiful product at very favorable prices! We build these chalets so favorable for you, because we do almost everything about the chalet ourselves and outsource almost nothing. Meaning almsot no external costs. Also the design doesn't have to be your common rectangle, it can have almost every shape and style you like. For interieur to exterieur design, on a budget or no budget. 

Unique design

Living or working in such an environment is an enormous pleasure. The past is translated into the present and a unique design is created in the preliminary phase that fully matches

your wishes and needs.

In this preliminary phase, we try to advise you as well as possible about the application of various sustainable materials and energy-smart solutions. Primary energy

saving through natural insulation and to a lesser extent with expensive installations.

Your customized chalet is created in cohesion and through teamwork. Tough, atmospheric, superior quality!

From design to delivery

You personally determine the exterior and interior. A chalet that fits like a tailor-made suit. From design to delivery. Klondike is at your side with expert and friendly advice.

You can contact us for interior, installations, roofing, paint possibilities, kitchens and fireplaces.

We are also fully available if you choose to (partially) build your chalet yourself.


Klondike likes to think along and provide expert feedback.



Klondike offers the possibility of self-build. The chalet will then be delivered by us in elements. We supply a kit. The foundation, SIP panels, roof finishing, installations, gutters, painting, as well as the finishing. The finishing is for the account and implementation of the customer.

Building your own chalet is not difficult. Dexterity and reasonable technical insight are of course important and in addition to sufficient available time, an absolute condition.

Klondike provides you with extremely clear building instructions in advance. An instructional film is included and if necessary you can always rely on construction supervision from Klondike, so that self-construction becomes a piece of cake!


Klondike takes care of the "construction" of the chalet. The chalet is installed water and windproof by our experienced construction team. Roofing, exterior frames and glazing are therefore included. You must take care of the foundation as well as the technical installations,

gutters and painting. However, Klondike can also provide this if desired. The hull of the chalet generally takes 5 working days to build with our team.




Key ready is most common at Klondike Cabins. 

In this case the chalet is delivered ready-made. From foundation to interior finishing. Depending on your wishes. Key-ready means that we provide the whole process of your project. From foundation to interieur finishing.

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