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A holiday home for sale by the sea

Are you looking for a nice holiday home for sale by the sea? Then view the various options that we offer you at Klondike. We build holiday, recreation and care homes according to your wishes and preferences. All our chalets are built with sustainable materials, which ensures an energy-efficient home.

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

With us you will find a holiday home for sale by the sea

For thebuild a chaletWe offer various construction options. For example, you have the choice of self-build, where you are almost entirely responsible for the construction of the house. You can also opt for hull construction, where you provide the foundation, technical installations and painting yourself. Would you rathera key ready holiday home? Then your house will be delivered ready-made, excluding the kitchen. For example, with us you will find a wonderful holiday home by the sea that is ready for sale. Of course it is also possible toto have the holiday home builtaccording to your wishes.

Klondike Cabins

Contact us to buy a ready-made chalet

If you are looking for a vacation home for sale by the sea, contact Klondike. We help you find your ideal holiday home. If you prefer to decide for yourself about the interior and exterior of the house, you can also choose onebuild a holiday houseby U.S. Please contact usthe possibilitiesto be discussed viaferencz@klondike-cabins.comor by phone at+31 252 27 80 06. We look forward to welcoming you at our office in Buitenkaag.

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