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✓ Durable material

✓ Personal design

✓ Expert advice

Build a holiday home

Would you like to have a holiday home built by a company with a lot of experience? Then choose Klondike. We build wooden (recreational) homes from sustainable materials. This makes your chalet energy efficient and ecologically responsible. You determine the interior and exterior of your holiday home yourself. We take care of the rest for you!

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

Have a holiday home built for holidays and free weekends

Perhaps you are looking for a second home to spend your free weekends and holidays in, or you want a base during the winter. In addition to being able toa key ready holiday homeyou can also have your own holiday home built. That way your home really meets all your wishes! Oursustainable homesare energy efficient thanks to good insulation in wood construction.

Klondike Cabins

Make an appointment and discuss your wishes and ideas with us

Are you curious about the various options for building a holiday home? Let yourself be advised and inspired by Klondike. Itbuilding a chaletwe do completely according to your ideas and wishes. Make an appointment togetherthe possibilitiesto discuss at our office in Buitenkaag by calling+31 252 27 80 06or send an email

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