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Comfortable living


You decide how your home will be.

A home that suits you and says something about you.


A wooden chalet is praised for its warmth. When a normal chalet is heated, the materials absorb part of the heat. Only then will the interior heat up. Not optimal and energy-friendly. However, SIPS are not affected by this! In combination with good insulation (neopor), our SIPS system produces a warm chalet and a low energy bill. Our chalets therefore achieve an energy value of AA ++ and can even be made energy passive. The outer walls of the SIPS have a U-value of 0.15. This is largely due to the quality of the machined OSB and EPS, which are used in our SIPS panels.

In the summer is a with SIPS built chalet just extra cool. Unlike an chalet made of wood or plastic, the SIPS itself retains heat, so that it remains comfortable in the house!

As a living environment, a SIPS panel is ideal for people. It breathes, has a moisture-regulating effect and insulates both heat and sound.



1.Short construction time

Fast and accurate assembly on site. Turnkey delivery in 120-160 days.

2.Cost effective
Our SIPS panels are manufactured exactly to size based on blueprints. No waste material, no extra costs for you.

3. Energy efficient
Our chalets can accommodate a 
energy rating of AA++ achieve, depending on your requirements. A chalet can also be built for you in such a way that it becomes a passive chalet. This means hardly any energy costs and very environmentally friendly. 

4.Environmentally conscious
Our chalets comply with a very solid ventilation system with heat recovery. And are often built with electric floor, wall or ceiling heating.

5.Time and value stable
A SIPS chalet has been tested for and has a very high fire resistance. SIPS chalets are therefore very solid and of good quality. As a result, Klondike offers a 30-year warranty on the construction of your chalet. 

6.Building emission-free
The new nitrogen reality requires all of us to make an extra effort to be emission-free
to build. It's good to see that building with SIPS is already a
has very low emissions. To get to zero, the design of the building is necessary
nothing to change. After all, building with SIPS ensures the light and electric te

lifting construction. Moreover, the choice of nitrogen may be forced, the great environmental
health and comfort benefits are no less.



Klondike wood is characterized by its high quality. Wood from the “Douglas fir” is used for the building frame. The wood is cut in the Caucasus at an altitude between 800 and 2000m. As a result, the wood has a very favorable moisture content, which is extremely important in connection with warping, cracks and/or cracks.

We use "Western Red Cedar" or Dutch Cedar to cover most of the exterieurs of our chalets or buildings.


Klondike gets its Western Red Cedar wood delivered directly from the northwest coast of British Columbia…”the rainforest of the north”! In addition, Klondike gets its Dutch Cedar from Friesland and we are one of a small group of builders who are allowed to use it. We are of course very proud of this privilege.

herkomst hout
western red cedar goedkoopste 2 2022.jpg



Klondike focuses on sustainable wooden chalets. This is not just about energy-efficient construction or energy generation. Layout and compactness are also of great value in this regard. In addition to this approach, the choice of material is very important. klondike strives to use as many natural building materials as possible.


We consider sound (sustainable) insulation more important than the use of all kinds of expensive technical installations.


Wood is a sustainable product. Klondike gets its wood from the Netherlands, the Caucasus, British Columbia and Hungary. All our wood is therefore provided with the FSC quality mark. The OSB4 used for the SIPS also meets the FSC quality mark. Balanced forestry by our suppliers is reflected in a program of selective logging and reforestation, creating a nice balance in this. This means that generations after us can also enjoy this beautiful product and the beautiful environment from which it originates! 


By striving for a high insulation value of the shell (RC 5-6) and realizing this through a proven construction process and choice of materials, the energy consumption in

a Klondike chalet lower than in a traditional chalet.

Most Klondike chalets have an energy performance coefficient (EPC) of 0.35. Due to the extremely energy-efficient SIPS and in ccombination with other materials

even chalets can be realized with a bearingEPC value. Almost all our chalets have an energy value of AA++. This is equivalent to a residential house, which is not at all common in chalet construction! 



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