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✓ Personal design

✓ Expert advice

Build a wooden chalet

If you want to build a wooden chalet, Klondike is the place to be. We have the knowledge and experience to help you build a wooden house. With us you have the option to have the wooden house built entirely by us, or to provide the chalet with foundations and paintwork yourself. In both cases, you decide for yourself what your new wooden home will look like!

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

We can build a wooden chalet completely according to your wishes

Can you imagine: living in a wonderfulholiday home by the sea? We are happy to help you build the wooden house of your dreams. Building a wooden house is a good idea if you want to lower your energy bill, because the heat remains thanks to the wooden panels and the goodinsulation in your home. There are endless possibilities for having a wooden chalet built by Klondike. Both the exterior and the interior are completely determined by you. We are happy to assist you with expert advice during the construction of the wooden house. Would you rather build (partly) your wooden house yourself? Even then we are fully available. We take care of the construction of the house, after which you take care of the technical installation, painting and foundation yourself.

Klondike Cabins

Contact us to discuss the various options

Would you like to have a unique wooden chalet built, completely according to your own preferences and ideas? There aremany possibilitiesbuilding a wooden house. That's why our experts think in itbuilding a chalethappy to join you. Make an appointment to discuss your wishes regarding thebuilding your sustainable homeat our office in Buitenkaag. You can reach us by phone at+31 252 27 80 06or

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