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Building a sustainable home

Would you like to live comfortably by having a sustainable home built? Klondike is ready for you. Using sustainable types of wood, we build an energy-efficient home that you can buy in North Holland. You decide for yourself what your home will look like. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to discuss the various options with you. This way you can buy an energy-efficient and sustainable home that suits you. Our chalets offer comfort, are environmentally friendly and have a contemporary design.

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

We have the means to build a sustainable home for you

Forbuilding a chaletyou are at the right place with us. We build your unique, energy-efficient home in an environmentally friendly way. We do this by using material that is ecologically responsible and biodegradable.A wooden chaletis a pleasant environment to live or work in. Do you want to buy an energy-efficient and sustainable home? There are endless possibilities to apply when building your unique home. Besides the fact that we can build the sustainable home for you ourselves, we also offer other options. For example, are you looking forAnkey ready holiday home? With us you can buy an energy-efficient home in nature or by the sea. If you prefer to have a say in the appearance of your sustainable holiday home, you can also get onebuild a holiday houseby Klondike. We also offer the possibility of hull construction. We provide a water and windproof base for your home. You take care of the foundation, technical installation and painting yourself.

Klondike Cabins

We have the means to build a sustainable home for you

Would you like to have a sustainable and energy-efficient home built or buy a ready-made one? We like to help you. You completely decide how yoursustainable house with insulationwill look like. Om  the possibilitiesto discuss and purchase an energy-efficient and sustainable home through us, please make an appointment. We are happy to discuss your wishes with you at our office in Buitenkaag, in order to build the energy-efficient home of your dreams. You can reach us by calling+31 252 27 80 06or by sending an email

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