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Building a sustainable wooden house

Would you like to have a sustainable wooden house built? Then choose Klondike. We specialize in timber frame construction. Our production takes place with only sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. You decide on the exterior and interior of your wooden house, the possibilities are endless!

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

Have an energy-neutral and sustainable wooden house built

Itbuild a chaletis becoming increasingly popular. You determine the appearance of your modern, wooden house yourself and you can choose where it will be placed. When you are looking for a reliable partner for the realization ofyour sustainable homethen we are happy to help you. Building a wooden house offers many advantages, thanks to the use of sustainable materials. For example, the environmentally friendly wood construction in combination with good insulation results in a low energy bill.

Klondike Cabins

Enlist us for the construction of a chalet

You can let Klondike do the building of a sustainable wooden house with peace of mind. We have a lot of experience inthe construction of holiday homeswhich are intended for different purposes. For example, think ofa key ready holiday home. Get informed aboutthe possibilitiesby making an appointment with us at our office in Buitenkaag. Reach us atferencz@klondike-cabins.comor via+31 252 27 80 06.

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