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Building with CLT in South Holland

Would you like to have a house built with CLT in the South Holland area? Klondike in Buitenkaag can help you with that. The strong, solid wood construction boards with which we can build your wooden home offer great benefits for the environment. Thanks to us you will soon have an (extra) home that, thanks to the good insulation and the way of construction, ensures ultimate living pleasure.

Are you interested in a sustainable home?

By building with CLT, we ensure more sustainability

We can for youto build a chaletwith sustainable materials, which are produced in an ecologically responsible manner. Because wood is naturally moisture-regulating, this material is excellent for asustainable house with good insulationto build with. Energy consumption remains low and building in wood saves a lot of CO2 emissions. The advantage of building a wooden house with CLT is that the material is lighter than brick and can be easily processed. That's how it isbuilding a holiday homehappened quickly.

Klondike Cabins

Get to know our services by making an appointment

Building a wooden house with CLT is ideal if you are looking for an environmentally friendly home. Are you curious aboutde possibilities? Contact us to discuss your wishes, needs and ideas. We can be reached viaferencz@klondike-cabins.comor via+31 252 27 80 06. Do you want a ready-madeBuy a holiday home in South Holland? You can also contact us for this.

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