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Would you like to know who we are and what we do? 
Read our story below.

Man has been looking for comfort and warmth for centuries. In his search he finds shelter and protection under a multitude of sheltered places. Klondike respects the people who managed to create a life with few resources. People who managed to build beautiful wooden chalets that offered shelter to family and relatives in the traditional way. We give this our own twist and try to build modern chalets with a soul. No mass-produced chalets that come off the assembly line, but chalets that are hand-built and meet your wishes. 

Building with natural organic materials that retain heat in the winter and keep the cold out, while keeping them nice and cool in the summer. We seek our inspiration in these beautiful architectural styles that are based in; "Simplicity, nature,sustainability, style, emission-free, circular, character, pride, intransigence and teamwork!"


Ourown SPStherefore offers a good solution to create this heat and coolness. In our prefab SIPS factory in Hungary we produce a chalet, house, recreation or informal care home within 2-6 weeks. Your project can then be fully assembled within 5-10 days, depending on the complexity and size. Our specialty is building with SIPS and CLT.Both hull and fully turnkey.

What can Klondike do for you? 

Are you looking for support and a partner for the realization of your sturdy, timeless, atmospheric,energy-efficient and sustainable chalet, recreation or informal care home, club house, garden office, shed or outbuilding, then we are happy to offer you a helping hand. We are ready and happy to help you. Klondike has been helping people like you realize the works mentioned above since 2009.

You are always welcome for a non-binding conversation while enjoying a cup of fresh coffee. Be surprised by our possibilities, specialism and expertise. Both for interior and exterior. Atmospheric living in a SIPS building starts at Klondike.

Image by Sebastian Sandqvist

Canada is where we get our inspiration from 

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